Eco-Friendly Solutions for Used Cooking Oil

Proud to serve the UK food and hospitality industry, helping you to operate more sustainably.

From multinational restaurant chains to local pubs, eateries, and fish and chip shops throughout the UK, all rely on the same high-quality cooking oils and trustworthy collection services for their used oil.

Regardless of their size or type, they can all be rest assured that the resources we gather from them are utilised effectively, contributing to safeguarding the planet we all rely on.

Assisting businesses across the UK with the management of their used cooking oil.

Comprehensive Used Cooking Oil Collection Service

No matter the scale of your operation, we offer a dependable and prompt collection service for used cooking oil. Our team is ready to gather used cooking oil from any food preparation or production site.

We serve the following establishments: -

Hospitality and Corporate Venues:

Public and Educational Institutions:

Managing Fats: Avoiding Fatbergs and Fines

Pouring fats down the drain poses a significant environmental challenge, contributing to the creation of fatbergs that can incur substantial expenses for water utilities, sometimes amounting to millions.

Not adhering strictly to guidelines may result in hefty fines, potentially costing thousands of pounds. We offer guidance on effective methods for collecting animal and vegetable fats, enabling their beneficial reuse.

Cooking Oils

Explore our comprehensive collection of cooking oils, sourced for their quality, commitment to sustainability and outstanding performance.

Used Cooking Oil

Specialising in the retrieval of used cooking oil, which is then used in premium-grade biofuels for eco-friendly transportation.

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